Death toll of terror attack in indian capital rises to 11 – China Angular Contact Ball Bearing

Indian police secure the scene of a blast outside the High Court in New Delhi, capital of India, Sept. 7, 2011. (Xinhua/Partha Sarkar)

NEW DELHI, Sept. 7 (Xinhua) — The death toll of the terrorist attack outside the Delhi High Court in the Indian capital Wednesday has risen to 11 while 76 people were injured, a senior Home Ministry official

The attack is described as the third worst bombing attacks since the Mumbai terror attacks in 2008.

Police said a suitcase bomb went off around 10.30 a.m. just outside Gate No. 5 of the Delhi High Court complex near India Gate, a major tourist attraction, in central New Delhi where about 300 people including litigants, media personnel and other visitors to the court were queuing to get passes for entry into the court.

Indian Home Secretary R.K. Singh said the remains of the suitcase where the bomb was have been found.

The Pakistan-based Harkat-ul-Jehadi Islami in an email to various media houses claimed responsibility, according to Indo- Asian News Service.

The email sent from an unknown location threatened that the hanging of 2001 parliament attack convict Afzal Guru should be repealed immediately, according to the news service. But this report is not confirmed by the authorities.

“We are investigating how the brief case was placed there as it is not a controlled area. There were lots of people,” said Special Commissioner Dharmendra Kumar.

Delhi Police Commissioner B.K. Singh has rushed to the spot which has been evacuated as local TV channels aired footage of commandos taking over the building complex located near the iconic India Gate in central Delhi.

According to TV channels, Delhi Police suspect use of potassium nitrate in the blast.

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh condemned the attack as cowardly and called on all political parties, all the people of India have “to stand united so that the scourge of terrorism is crushed”.

In May this year, a blast took place in a parking lot near the cafeteria of the High Court. At that time, no body was injured.

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Good Quality And Light Weight Ceramic Beads Are Available At Cheap Rates

Many of you want to do something different, that may satisfy your inner being. If you are looking to add up diverse range of product in your store to lure the ladies of current generation, then visit the online store. Today, ladies are also an earning buddy, and they want to look smart and elegant everyday. The traditional jewelries are difficult to carry daily, moreover, these items do not get match with trendy dress such as jeans, shorts and business suits. Thus, if you wish to adorn the beauty of current generation ladies and men, by jewelries made up of unique material, then switch to World Wide Web.

Here, on the digital platform, an entity is active, that offers beads, which can be drawn in a single string. The beads are light in weight and vary in size. One will get surprised to see the red, yellow and other bright color applied on it, to make it attractive. Besides, they have wide range of the metallic pendants. These items are offered by them at reasonable rates.

Often girls wear jewel, it gives them more feminine look. But, the beads available at online store can be used to craft jewels for men. They have beads of small and big size having alphabets painted in contrast color. Just knead the bead and make a wonderful jewel for the wrist. Boys will love to wear this wonderful wrist band having their name painted with multiple colors.

Besides, they also have animal shape beads. One can simply place the small-sized animal in mid of multiple small translucent beads and wear it in the neck. This jewel is perfect for the collage going boys, and girls. Few animal designs will also suit the ear of young generation girls. The light weighted item will not add load to your neck or ear. One can easily carry it and move in confidence.

These animal beads will increase your sale to many folds, because it can be used in different ways and for various purposes. This item comes in numerous shapes and one having creative mind can use it to attract the attention of babies. Knead the animal shaped ceramic structures together and hang it in the baby cot. Child will love to see the tiny animals hanging over, more over, it will not cause harm to your kid.

One can use the special Peru ceramic beads in multiple ways. Thus, feel free to place order for this unique item and decorate your body as well as home by it.

Hardwood Floor Repair How To Stop Squeaky Stairs And Floors

Fixing squeaking stairs and floors is a simple procedure. You can either fix them from the basement or crawlspace or you can silence them from the surface of the stairs or floor. All you need are some simple tools and a little time.

Fixing Squeaky Stairs from Below
To fix squeaks on your stairs from beneath the stairs, have a helper walk on the stairs to help you pinpoint to location of each squeak. Depending on the location of the squeak, wedge thin, glue-covered wooden shims into the space between the stair and the stringer (joists), between the stair and the riser above it, or between the stair and the riser below it.

Fixing Squeaky Stairs from Above
If you are working from the surface of the stairs, locate the squeak. If the squeak is toward the front of the stair, drive a wedge into the space between the surface of the stair and the top of the riser below. If the squeak is toward the back of the stair, drive a wedge into the space between the back of the stair and the bottom of the riser above. If the spaces are too tight for wedges, use spiral flooring nails. Drive two nails at an angle toward each other into the joint where tread meets riser, either at the front or the back of the stair. Countersink the nails, and fill the holes with tinted wood putty.

Fixing a Squeaky Floor from Below
Have a helper walk the floor upstairs and stop when they hear a squeak, then knock on the floor at that location so you can pinpoint it from below. Drive a wooden shim coated in wood glue between the joist and subfloor. Screw it into place at an angle through the joist and subfloor with a 1.25-inch drywall screw.

If you have so many squeaks that you would need a dump truck full of shims to quiet them all, consider using a handy “Squeak Ender,” available at home improvement centres. A piece of hardware with a bracket that attaches to the subfloor, the Squeak Ender features a rod that pulls the subfloor tight against the joist to silence squeaks in a larger area. Screw the Squeak Ender into the subfloor, butted against the joist. Tighten the threaded rod. The subfloor will be pulled tight against the joist. Place the Squeak Enders as far apart as necessary to quiet the squeaks along the length of your floor.

Fixing a Squeaky Floor from Above
Purchase a Counter-Snap kit from your local home improvement store. This kit comes with a depth-control gadget, a screwdriver bit and 25 screws whose tops break off once they reach the right depth in the wood. To use the kit, drill a hole 3/32-inch in diameter at the location of the squeak. Place the depth-control gadget over the pilot hole. Screw in one of the screws until the top snaps off. Fill the hole with tinted wood putty, allow it to dry, and sand it.

How Tilling A Garden Causes More Problems Than Benefits

Garden tilling, also called cultivating, is often done with a gas-powered rototiller that goes down perhaps 6 or so inches, but soil can be “tilled” with a tool such as a pitch fork, too.

As you know, tilling a garden is when you turn the soil over so that some of the lower soil comes up and some of the upper soil goes down. It’s kind of like a food processor for your soil, just not as fast.

You may think it is more necessary in organic gardening because we don’t use pesticides like the no-till farmers, but that isn’t the case.

Garden tilling is an often-recommended practice, but this article tells you why you should stop the practice right now.

Reasons For Garden Tilling

The main reasons organic gardeners may till the soil are to:

* Reduce weeds
* Relieve compaction
* Make the soil look fluffy and nice
* Allow more air and water into the soil
* Loosen and warm up the soil in spring for planting/seeding
* Cause organic matter to break down faster and give more nutrients

Does Tilling A Garden Accomplish The Above Goals?

In the short term the above organic gardening goals are often satisfied, but right from the start, garden tilling can cause more problems than benefits. If there are plants in or near the garden, their vital surface roots are damaged, giving easy access for root-feeding organisms and decreasing water and nutrient uptake.

But the main disadvantage is the effect on beneficial microorganisms and earthworms, both of which are absolutely essential to the health of your soil.

Garden Tilling Problems

Upon tilling a garden, the microbes that need oxygen are buried, killing many of them. The microbes that can’t live with too much oxygen are brought to the surface, killing many of them.

Garden tilling causes the miles and miles of beneficial fungi to be sliced into pieces. Those fungi provided important nutrients to the plants, so that is no longer happening. Earthworms are also killed and their tunnels destroyed.

All of these critters had taken a long time to find the perfect spot for them in the soil. They worked day and night to build themselves little homes and cities. It takes years for this to happen and garden tilling destroys that all very quickly.

Does Garden Tilling Help In The Long Term?

Tilling your organic garden when it is wet causes long term structural damage to the soil, but even when the soil is dry, there are several serious long term consequences.

While annual weeds will have been killed, many perennial weeds have been cut into pieces that all come back as new weeds. While your vegetable seeds now have perfect conditions in which to germinate, so do all of the weed seeds that were lying dormant lower down in the soil.

While the initial influx of air and water broke down the organic matter more quickly, and released nutrients to allow microbes and plants to flourish for a short time, that organic matter is oxidized (basically burned) faster than it is replenished. Annual garden tilling causes a gradual decrease in organic matter in the soil.

This loss of organic matter decreases soil fertility, nutrient-holding capacity, water-holding capacity and hurts soil structure. If the soil is left bare, it can crust over so that water runs off and causes erosion instead of infiltrating.

The damage of larger plant roots can result in permanent and severe damage of the canopy (especially in trees).

Folding Baby Changing Table – An Introduction Of Its Features

Space is one of the concerns of many people these days so they’re on the lookout for the right solutions that will spare some of their floor spaces. They will get the right products that will give them the space that they want but still provide the needed furnishings like a folding baby changing table. These kings of tables are essential nursery furnishing as it’s the ideal place for parents to change their babies. With its ability to be folded, people can save space and even have a portable item they can bring during travels. A folding baby changing table can be cleaned easily apart from being a good space saver. It has a fabric changing pad that can be washed in a washing machine. These pads are highly comfortable for the babies as you change their diapers.

Another benefit that parents love about a folding baby changing table is its ability to provide extra space for storage. It has a shelf located underneath which is an ideal place for various baby items. Made from natural materials, you’re assured that the items are safe from various toxic components used on various items. Their designs also come in various colors that you can match with other baby items.

This folding table used for babies to change has a wood finish and you’re offered with a wide array of options that will be suitable the style that you want. The features of this type of changing table are surely convenient for parents but expect that the price may be more than what’s expected. Basically, the price will cover up for its design in terms of portability and aesthetics so it can cost more. it’s a good investment however as you don’t have to get diaper pads if you’ll travel outdoors or need to stay in another home because of its design and durability.

Embody Chair Vs. Aeron Chair

The Embody chair and the Aeron chair are both products of world renowned furniture design company, Herman Miller. Both have managed to gain strong followings in cyberspace, in business and other sectors. Both have received several acclamations and recognitions.

These two Herman Miller products are ergonomic and are meant to counteract the effects of sitting for long hours on end. These two products move with the user’s body and perform several functions and provide various benefits that regular office or computer chairs cannot do.

Though the Aeron chair and Embody chair may have certain similarities, they do have their differences. First off, the Aeron chair has reached an iconic status by being placed in the Museum of Modern Art’s permanent collection and by receiving a gold award in the Designs of the Decade category for office furniture from the Industrial Designers Society of America and Business Week, which the Embody chair, although it has received recognitions, hasn’t been able to do. Secondly, technology used in both chairs are different. The Aeron chair has a Pellicle Suspension System which fills the space between the lower end of the spine and the chair in order to properly align the user’s spine. The Embody chair, on the other hand, has the Pixelated Support technology comprised of 56 flexors and 93 plastic pixels that makes the chair similar to the human spine and aids the chair to move with the user’s every movement. Their looks are also different although both are eye catching. The Embody chair, however, has a more urban look and looks more fun since it comes in papaya and black and the user can choose from a variety of shades, textures and colors.

The main difference probably would lie in the chairs’ sizes. The Aeron chair comes in 3 sizes while the Embody chair doesn’t, but everything about it can be adjusted from the arms, to the seat, to the tilt and what not. This is probably the Embody chair’s strongest point since it can accommodate and fit all types of body shapes and sizes while the Aeron chair can only accommodate and fit a certain body type depending on the size.

Most consumers, though, find that the back support that the Aeron chair gives is limited to the shoulder blades. This was addressed in the Embody chair’s design which narrow backrest thereby giving continuous and full support for one’s back.

All in all, though the Embody chair hasn’t reached the iconic status of the Aeron chair, it is definitely worth looking into. It is definitely a significant improvement over its predecessor. It’s major plus point would be the various knobs and buttons that allows the user to adjust almost every part of the chair in order to achieve the most comfortable position he or she desires. The narrow backrest which gives continuous and full support for the back is also another advantage of the Embody chair over its predecessor. Even with a price of more than a thousand dollars, the Embody chair is still a worthwhile investment.

Making The Office A Confidential Environment

Keeping personal details or classified business documents confidential is of the utmost importance. Privacy is paramount in all business sectors, whether it be the private or public sector, small or large corporations, as data privacy laws have pushed corporate responsibility to the forefront.

In order to keep your office a confidential environment, reducing the likelihood of identity theft or security breaches, it is important to bear in mind the following, to protect your company reputation and brand image:

Secure document shredding. Simply throwing confidential documents away is not enough to ensure that they are destroyed. Likewise, entrusting a member of staff to complete mass shredding, is not always the most secure way to protect clients personal details, as papers could be missed. Identity theft is rife in the media and as such, entrusting document destruction to an expert external contractor may prove the most safe option, as staff are fully vetted and trained in privacy policies. In addition, by employing the services of a secure shredding company, existing staff will have their time freed up for more pressing business matters – like making money for your company. Cost savings can also be had by using an expert shredder, as you will not have to purchase and maintain expensive shredding equipment.

Staff vetting and training. By ensuring that your staff are fully screened, you are helping to protect your business against confidential leaks, as well as establishing the character, capabilities, and risks associated with employing prospective staff members. Depending on the level and remit of your organisation, most prospective employees are amicable to background checks, as they become increasingly popular, particularly in high-paid or high-responsibility jobs.

Once employed, make sure to set out the firm’s security policies to new staff members, training them on how to use the company’s systems correctly, explaining data security policies, setting out best practise on internet policies and co-ordinating with staff on risk assessments.

Secure premises and storage. It may seem obvious, but making sure that your business premises are secure and in a safe location is paramount. Whilst business parks are a quiet and professional location, check that such locations are patrolled with security, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Any business premises should have heavy duty locks, swipe card access and alarm systems where possible, to limit the possibility of intruders.

IT Security. Data security is an important part of keeping your business secure, so it is vital to outline IT security policy from the outset. Common IT security policies include having secure logins for each member of staff. Access controls are another tool of making sure that only certain members of staff in the business hierarchy see confidential information. Setting out what websites are acceptable in the workplace can be prudent, as unscrupulous sites or emails are a common way that viruses get into systems.

Sourcing Porcelain From Jingdezhen China, Jingdezhen International Ceramic Fair

Jingdezhen, known as the ‘Porcelain Capital’ of China, is one of China’s most famous cultural and historic cities. It is situated in the northeastern part of Jiangxi Province, East China, a place endowed by nature with a network of rivers and hills.

Today, Jingdezhen remains a national center for porcelain production. The porcelain culture of Jingdezhen was, is and will be a treasure for the Jingdezhen tourist industry. Each year, hundreds of foreigners travel to Jingdezhen to learn it’s unique ceramic-making skills and techniques. They stay in the villages and towns around Jingdezhen for months, some even for years.

Jingdezhen also hosts China’s only ceramics university that attracts young talent interested in the ancient craft. The local government has taken measures to promote craftsmen’s research in traditional ceramic art innovation. Nowadays, Jingdezhen’s ceramic art is renowned worldwide for a vibrant integration of traditional and modern technologies in the ceramics-making process.

Pottery has been made in China for over 1,000 years — the abundance of loess provided the ideal raw materials that could be fired in high-temperature kilns. But it was not until the Song Dynasty (960-1,279) that potters in Jingdezhen created true porcelain by adding the mineral kaolin to China-stone and cranking the kiln temperature above 1,300 degrees Celsius.

Jingdezhen International Ceramic Fair

Jingdezhen celebrated its millennial birthday in 2004, when the first China Jingdezhen International Ceramic Fair bringing together world-famous ceramists and world-wide enterprises was solemnly inaugurated. Thereafter, as a ministry-sponsored professional fair, the China Jingdezhen International Ceramic Fair has been held annually. Its popularity and influence has grown along with its outstanding quality, comprehensive breadth and international participation.

Thanks to our sponsors’ dedication and support, the enthusiastic participation of world-wide ceramic businesses, and Jingdezhen’s deep ceramic culture, the China Jingdezhen International Ceramic Fair has grown for the past 7 years into a professional trade-centered exposition involving cultural exchanges and tourism, which facilitates exchange and cooperation concerning trade, culture, and skills among ceramic enterprises and artists throughout the world.

The principal exhibitions of the Fair include:
1Daily-use Ceramics Exhibition
2Creative Ceramics Exhibition
3Overseas Ceramics Exhibition
4Hi-tech Ceramics Achievements Exhibition
5Ceramic Packaging Exhibition
6Tea-sets & Tea-ceremonies Exhibition
7Art Ceramics Exhibition
8Contemporary International Ceramic Exhibition
9Exhibition of Finest Ceramics from Ten Famous Kiln Sites
10International Forum on Hi-tech Ceramics & 10th National Academic Conference on Engineering Ceramics
11Business Meeting

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Reasons To Consider Building A Lean To Wood Shed

Wood Sheds: Why Considering A Lean To Instead Of A Free
Standing Shed May Be A Good Idea

It seems like no matter how much we try we never seem to have enough storage space. Whether you are looking for a shed to keep that fire wood dry and ready to burn, extra tool storage or a place for that lawn tractor out of the elements, wood sheds come in handy.

However, you may be reluctant to add another free standing building to your property. Perhaps, you feel there are too many out buildings already or perhaps you simply can’t afford the cost of a new storage shed. Whatever, your reasons a lean to may be the answer to all of your problems.

A Lean To Wood Shed Will Save You Money

A Lean to is a three sided building that leans against and uses a wall of an already existing building as it’s fourth wall. Building a lean to shed will still cost you but, the cost is far less than building a freestanding shed. Not
only are you save you from buying the material for one wall, but, you need less roofing material and are saved money on the foundation.

In fact, if you are building a lean to for storing that garden tractor or fire wood, you may not need any type of flooring at all using just a timber frame for your shed.In most cases a shed lean to does not need a floor since these buildings are usually only used to protect firewood or equipment from the elements and are not used to store those things that are easily damaged. Tools such as hoes and rakes can be hung on the wall leaving space on the sod floor of this wood shed for larger items.

Building A Lean To Will Save You Time

Not only is a lean to wood shed a great way to save money on your building cost it will also save you time spent in actually building the shed. Since you are only building three walls and a roof you won’t be wasting time pouring
concrete or setting pillars for a more permanent foundation.

You also will be saving time in the fact that you will only be constructing 3 walls instead of four and the roofing of the building will take less time as well. In fact, people who have built their own lean to sheds have often completed the entire project in the course of a week end.

A Lean To Can Blend In With Your Landscape Easier

A lean to shed can blend into your landscape easier than a freestanding shed might. Because it will attach to an already standing structure it will become part of that structure and provide an unbroken image especially if you build your lean to to match your existing building.

A free standing building will cause yet another break in your landscape which may be undesirable for certain homeowners especially those who have worked hard on their lawn and garden and want those things to draw attention rather than a series of outbuildings dotting the landscape.

A Lean To Is Easier To Maintain

Because a lean to wood shed consists of less material than would a free standing shed it will be easier and cost less to maintain. In fact, maintaining your lean to can be done when you do the maintenance work on the building it is attached to, killing two birds with stone so to speak.

Because a lean to will take up less of your time to maintain it will free you to do all those other projects that need your attention or simply give you more time to relax.A lean to shed may be a great alternative to a free standing shed as it is cheaper and easier to build and maintain, it can fit in better with your existing landscape and buildings and can be used to store all those extras that need to be kept from the elements.

In most cases, building plans for lean to wood sheds are simple to read and easy to follow making them a great do it yourself project for people who enjoy working on projects may lack sophisticated building skills.