Save Hundreds of Dollars with Solar Pool Heaters

Since about the 1970s-80s, people all around the world have been using Solar Collectors to heat their water for a number of applications including domestic hot water (for showers, laundry, grooming, and washing dishes), radiant heating through floor or baseboard heaters to space heat their homes, and even to heat their pools to extend the swimming season earlier in the spring and later in the fall.

Heating your pool is a luxury, but that doesnt mean that it should be so expensive that only the very rich can afford it. By using Solar Pool Heaters, the average American Household can heat their swimming pool for only a few hundred dollars, and without the high, and rising costs of traditional fossil fuels and heating sources like oil, natural gas, and electricity. Silicon Solar Inc carries a complete line of Solar Pool Heaters, available for every type and size pool in any location around the country.

For above ground pools, Silicon Solar carries two different pre-packaged Solar Pool Heaters, a 1 panel/40,000 BTU Solar Pool Heater, and a 2 panel/80,000 BTU Solar Pool Heater. If your pool needs a larger Solar Collector to heat the water due to its size, or your climate, you can add more Solar Collectors into the system for higher output and additional heat. For in-ground pools, Silicon Solar offers 2 different Pre-Packaged Solar Pool Heaters, a 1 panel/40,000 BTU Solar Pool Heater and a 2 Panel/80,000 BTU Solar Pool Heater. Solar Pool Heaters for Above and In Ground Pools begin at only $129 each.

These Solar Pool Heaters are easily installed and tie directly into your existing Pool Pump/Filter System. As for installation, Solar Pool Heaters from Silicon Solar simply roll out on your roof, or on the ground next to your pool and are ready to go, heating your pool within minutes of installation and setup. Here are some simple rules to use when choosing the Solar Pool Heater that is right for you.

Use the following table to compare your pool shape and size with the number of collectors needed to heat that pool. [16 Round 2 Collectors (80,000 BTU)], [20 Round 2 Collectors (80,000 BTU)], [24 Round 2 Collectors (80,000 BTU)], [28 Round 4 Collectors (160,000 BTU)], [12×24 Oval 2 Collectors (80,000 BTU)], [15×24 Oval 2 Collectors (80,000 BTU)], [16×26 Oval 4 Collectors (160,000 BTU)], [16×32 Oval 4 Collectors (160,000 BTU)], [18×34 Oval 4 Collectors (160,000 BTU)], [20×40 Oval 6 Collectors (240,000 BTU)]. If your pool size/shape is not listed in the information that I have been able to gather, you can get far more information about Solar Pool Heaters at the Silicon Solar website;

Zero Chemicals In Your life

Zero Chemical compounds Are Doable

Help Is Only a Click Away If all of this seems overwhelming to you, don’t menace as a end result of you’ll have the opportunity to have all the data you and your loved ones needs to finish your dependence on chemicals. Zero Chemical compounds- Chemical Free Living is a two-volume guide to chemical free-living options. You have to use it to go fully with out chemicals, or just choose what you are feeling is true on your circumstance. For every chemically primarily based product, there is an equally effective and completely secure pure alternative. And the amazing factor is that you’ll really lower your expenses with this method. Along with your new house environment you will notice a change in everyone. They’ll really feel a boost to their immune system, an vitality explosion, and generally an improvement to their general health. you want to more information click here Zero Chemicals

These are just some samples of the unbelievable information gained from these guides. The listing goes on and on. I don’t have time obviously, to go into all the benefits these guides provide, nevertheless at my web site Probably GREEN, you’ll find this under the Inexperienced Steering section. Be happy to browse. I’ve evaluations on the top online green assets, on things like: Renewable Power, Car Conversion, How you can Grow an Natural Backyard, and even a guide that will help you discover green jobs in your area.

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Uncover what products are killing you and your family. It is a priceless piece of knowledge and I urge you to search out out the truth. Be taught in step by step format how one can make your own natural alternatives for most of the chemical compounds you are currently using. Discover the secret killer that lurks in your kitchen. You wont consider the dangers you face everyday! Need to help our environment? There may be MUCH extra you are able to do as an individual and most of it is very simple. What you don’t know about health care products… Are you doing extra hurt than good? Give your property the complete “Green Makeover”. The following pointers will instantly turn your house Earth friendly. Learn how you can save hundreds every year by making your personal pure alternatives. This is nice for the environment and your again pocket. and far far more!

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Scottsdale Landscaping – Scrape the Desert and discover your very own Oasis!

Landscaping can change your lifestyle. However, you need to find the
right expert in Gilbert landscaping for a beautiful exterior of your
home. You can yearn for your dream space, while Arizona landscaping
experts can bring it into reality. They have an immense creativity and
expertise of years. You will be amazed with their capacity of
transformation. However, simple and unique ideas will help you to
maintain the pristine scenario at the end.

Whilst discussing with a Phoenix landscaping expert
designer you can discuss all your ideas and get an outline of it. Some
designers can create computer simulation for real time understanding of
the developed landscape. Here are some simple tips that help you master
to some degree the art of landscaping and a newer approach towards the
desert blooming effect:

Go green – If you adopt an eco-friendly
approach, you can obtain a breathtaking design and most importantly the
right approach to conserve the precious ecosystem. Your proposed
landscape design could be a great reservoir for birds when they need it
the most. It also becomes a pleasing experience to wake up to the tune
of chirping birds instead of the beeps from an alarm clock.

your style – Your Arizona landscape is a portrait of your style and
status. It needs to be first class and it is only possible if you insist
for the best-styled landscape. You can always look for some
inspirational themes. The online web world would come very handy during
your search for excellent designs.

Break it down – In some cases if you wish to stay sparse on budget, you
can always break the big picture into small. Of course, you need to
discuss your plans with your Phoenix landscape designer about how you
want it done. Sometimes, you can even adopt, “wait and watch policy” to
check on the effects of landscaping and the overall appreciation
achieved through it.

Think twice! – It is a better idea to
re-think on every single aspect. Sometimes you may get into a state of
buyer’s remorse by implementing wrong decisions. The best way to avoid
such situation is to think before you make a decision and get the best
your money can buy for you.

Landscaping is a splendid
responsibility and you need to be prepared to shoulder it well. When you
plan to adopt a natural lifestyle, your landscaping design and Arizona
pools could offer you the most refreshing experience ever.

What You Need To Know About Discount Ceramic Tile

Discount ceramic tile may be a way to save money. But it can actually cost you extra if you aren’t careful. Watch out for the trap that will cost you extra and save money where you can. Here’s how…

Cheap Tile Can Cost You.

High quality tile at a discount is a good thing. Sometimes however cheap ceramic tile is cheap for a reason. You see, often discount tile is inferior. That usually shows up as more variation in size from tile to tile. That’s what will cost you. What happens is it takes more time to install.

The finished look of a tile surface is largely determined by how well the tile edges are aligned. If the size of the tiles varies quite a bit, it’s impossible to align all the tiles well. The grout lines are going to wander around in spite of the best efforts of the installer. Those best efforts in an attempt to align the tiles is what costs you time and money. So look out for variation in tile sizes if you buy discount tile.

One Way To Get Discount Tile

Here’s a money saving tile idea. Most of your tiles are alike. Most of the tiles are used to cover the larger areas of your surface. Those tiles are sometimes called field tile. But there are two other types of tile you may need. The first is trim tile, or the tiles that go along the borders. The other type are accent tiles. Those are pieces that have special features that make them attractive and decorative. You don’t need nearly as many of either of these tiles as you need of the field tiles.

One way to look at many special tiles in a hurry is to shop online. Since you only need a few trim tiles and even fewer accent tiles, shipping cost isn’t much of a factor. You can look at many special tiles without driving around and spending time and energy. Your choices are much larger online that you could see in days of driving from store to store.

Shopping online is a fast and cheap way to get accent tiles and trim tile. You can look at Mexican ceramic tile or Italian ceramic tile without spending time and money to drive all over. Maybe it wouldn’t make sense to buy all your tile online and have it shipped. It might make really good sense to get the special tiles online.

Look out for excess variation in size of discount ceramic tile. That variation will cost you.

Our website includes an Advanced Search Function that lets you look at discount ceramic tile very quickly. Shop online and save money.

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Furnishing Credit with Florida Hard Money Finances

Making a significant investment and buying a property secures your present as well as your future. The wealthy individuals can easily purchase a hi-fi asset, but the poor ones cannot even allow a thought of it to strike their mind because of the high prices associated with buying them. In the middle, however, is the third group of individuals who are neither rich nor poor. It’s true that they might not possess a lump sum to make an investment and buy a property, but they have the capability to pay back the debt, in the form of installments to different financial institutions. Hard money finances are the perfect examples which give the individuals an ideal opportunity to buy their desirable asset whenever they feel its necessity. Florida hard money options provide people a chance to get their loans approved as soon as they apply for it.

Undoubtedly, the traditional bank loans are very useful. But the lenders take a lot of time to approve the applications of the candidates. This, in turn, increases the difficulties of the people who want the finances immediately. The hard money finances help those individuals to receive the finances as soon as possible so that they could instantly fulfill their requirements. However, the individuals who can wait for the approval will definitely prefer the traditional bank loans over hard money finances. The finance seekers hesitate in applying for these funds because these loans are completely collateral-based.ed.

As soon as you apply for the Florida hard money finances, the most important factor that determines whether you will get it approved is the maintenance level of your asset. This is because it is that property which will provide the lenders a guarantee that the debt they have provided will surely be returned to them at any cost. In short, the condition of the property will decide on will the applicant be allowed to receive the finance or he would face rejection. The hard money finances can be utilized to buy any luxurious item which will help you get all the materialistic comfort.

When it comes to traditional bank loans, people know that the time taken is quite long and hence they switch over to other instant financial options. The applicants in case of these conventional loan options have to submit several credentials which need to be verified by the lenders properly in order to ensure that the finance seekers would not default on making the repayments. The process of verification is so long that the application approval gets delayed, making the whole process time consuming. While, in case of Florida hard money, the property of the borrowers act as a guarantee for the lenders, which in turn does not require any verification. This makes the hard money finance approval instant and quick.

Taking hard money finances is considered as a wise decision as it provides an individual with sufficient funds to buy a property which he can easily utilize at times of financial crisis. Once the payment to the lender is completely made, the owners will be free to sell their asset at whatever cost they desire according to their suitability. Therefore, it can be stated that taking a Florida hard money loan does not only make your present convenient, but safeguards your future as well.

Benefits Of Aeroponics As An Indoor Gardening System

Being from the similar background of soil-free rearing of plants, Aeroponics takes one step further by eliminating the need for any medium whatsoever. Aeroponics system often consists of plants supported on channels with their roots dangling midair for the whole time.

So, when in hydroponics, the nutrients are supplied to the plants thorough water acting as a reservoir, Aeroponics just takes out the middleman entirely. The nutrients are directly sprayed onto the roots of the growing plants dangling in form of an atomized mist sprayed with much high pressure.

So, here well discuss the benefits of employing the aeroponics system for gardening, by citing the some basic differences that separate the same from the conventional hydroponics.

Better Results

As the plant roots directly receive the nutrients in atomized form, the uptake for the same certainly is faster. Also, since every spray of nutrients is separated with intermittent time gap, the oxygen intake of the plants is much more. This not only accelerates the growth of the plants, the roots even spread out seeking more air and speeding the vegetative growth altogether.

Aeroponics is the most advanced method of farming, which takes the whole accountability to every input idea to a entirely new level. As with the absence of any growth medium and thus resultant spatial availability issues , the plant are no more deprived from any amount of nutrients and oxygen.

Efficient Resource Management

Three crucial factors are to be considered here. Water, nutrients and air, these are the factors which were primarily targeted in the first place with the advent of aeroponics.
No system of any kind in modern farming provides such efficient use of water. As the nutrients solution is directly sprayed on to the roots, the water requirement is much less. This is in lieu of fact that water is no longer acting as the medium, but instead as to transmit the nutrients to the roots directly. Thus the total water requirement can be maintained up to 1/20th of the amount that is used in conventional methods.

With no medium to dilute the possibility of uptake by roots, the nutrients requirement in an aeroponics system can be tuned much more closely. As the maximum amount of nutrient supplies taken by roots, the total nutrients input in the system decreases even further. Nutrients are can be now supplied evenly throughout the crop, thus eliminating the randomized effect that a growth medium has in this respect.

In hydroponics or any other method, the supply of air is managed thought the medium itself, which in turn leads to uneven distribution. So, now we have dangling roots in constant supply of air i.e. oxygen and CO2, making the equipments such as aerators more or less redundant.

Aeroponics systems are generally built with few commonly found or even recycled materials. A readymade setup is also available if one is looking for an aesthetically pleasant structure. Tubes, buckets are often used in a modular structure to build an efficient system.
Money is also saved in maintenance of the system with a nutrients solution of 700-900 ppm is found to be quite adequate for a typical scenario. A simple water pump giving out 60 psi worth of pressure can be used to provide the required atomized mist.

Disease-Free Conditions
With a constant supply of fresh air and absence of a medium which may act as a shelter, pathogens are less of a problem in any aeroponics system. Not only the excess oxygen keeps the anaerobic bacteria at bay, removal of affected plant part is much easier.

An aeroponics system offers a certain ease when it comes to moving the entire crop from one place to another.

Changes in the Regimen
Any kind of change in the nutrient input is much economical if not easier, as the plants do not need to be flushed altogether. This gives a grower certain freedom so as to manage the crop more efficiently.

The benefits which are listed above presents a better scenario for any grower in order to procure the maximum yield with best of the quality.

Want to know more on Aeroponics System or need some expert tips just log on to

The Future Is Bright For High Density Polyethylene Outdoor Furniture

Furniture made from recycled plastics is gaining prominence in the outdoor furniture industry. Recent advancements in manufacturing the material have made it a feasible alternative to what is traditionally used.

High density polyethylene or HDPE is a material derived from the number 2 type of recycled plastic. The most common container is the gallon milk jug. They are those semi-white jugs that you can see through a little. They are not the material used for solid white containers or the clear 2-liter bottles.

One form of HDPE that has come onto the market is called Polywood. It essentially is plastic lumber produced from type 2 waste recovered from recycling centers. Polywood is actually heavier and stronger than lumber cut from wood. First, the recycled plastic is crushed into pellets and then melted in a pot. Next, ultra-violet substances and color are added. This gives HDPE a huge advantage over traditional wood lumber. The liquid is then cured in molds shaped to normal sizes of lumber. The final product has a grain finish instead of having a smooth polished feel. I expect this material will soon be sold side by side with wood lumber in the home improvement chain stores.

The advantages of high density polyethylene furniture are numerous. First off, this recycled material is environmental friendly. No new plastic material has been introduced to the environment. The plastic has been saved from dumping into the ground and trees are saved from being cut down to make this furniture. Green alternative technologies are becoming a staple in many industries.

HDPE can handle the outdoor elements over time better than wood furniture. Sun, rain, and snow do not degrade high density polyethylene lumber. Insects and termites cannot eat away Polywood lumber. This furniture handles water over time without rotting and mildewing. Polywood furniture is an excellent choice for pool furniture at hotels and homes. In summary, high density polyethylene furniture will last a lot longer than wooden furniture.

Since Polywood lumber has solid color throughout, there is never a need to paint or stain it. The ultra-violet protection added will not allow the furniture to fade from sun exposure over the years. Polywood furniture needs only wipe down cleaning. It is very easy maintenance.

Finally, a great advantage to HDPE lumber is its high tensile strength. It is heavier and stronger than wood yet because it is plastic, there is a slight flexibility to it that makes it more comfortable than wood. Even though wood is somewhat flexible, it tends to warp permanently in one direction or another. Polywood flexes to the shape of a person’s body but springs back when they rise for sitting on it. Wood will crack, splinter, and shear much easier as well.

Next time you are in the market for outdoor furniture, consider buying high density polyethylene pieces. Do not mistake it for the cheap plastic furniture currently prevalent in the stores. HDPE is high quality plastic furniture and one day soon may take over as the top selling material for outdoor use.

Knowing The Responsibilities Of Home Builders Slidell

The challenge of building a home can bring a different experience for every homeowner. It is a long process and involves many different people in the construction industry from the contractors to the suppliers of building materials. While the idea of building a new home can be very exciting for every homeowner, it can also cause tremendous pressure and anxiety. The process entails many details that need to be taken care of personally by the homeowner. Homeowners need to coordinate closely with the preparation of the floor plans, choosing the colors, types of interior finishing materials, and a lot more. There are issues on building permits with the local government that have to be complied with.

In all likelihood, you will have to choose one of the home builders Slidell-registered and licensed to oversee and handle the construction of your new home. With the floor plans executed by a professional architect, you can request the home builder for an estimate of the entire project, including cost of labor and materials. You may choose to take as many estimates as possible as these will be compared with each other for cost, completion date, scope of work, etc. And while collecting the estimates, you should also start checking the background of each home builder in terms of reputation, credibility, financial stability, projects completed, years of experience and specialization.

From the number of home builders Slidell-licensed, you should pick the one that represents the best offer. Once you have chosen the home builder, you should have a meeting or discussion on the different aspects of construction like procurement, permits/license, construction schedule and terms of payment, etc. It is important that all of these aspects are clearly defined in order to avoid any conflict in the future. The home builder should then explain on the various stages of construction such as securing the necessary building permits required prior to starting the construction, stages of procurement of materials, stages of construction pertinent to electrical, plumbing, interior finishing, etc. You need to understand the progression of work in order to know what to expect during actual construction.

Your home builder should ensure that the construction site has all the necessary safety precautions and measures are in place and enforced at all times during the construction. For additional protection, you should check the home builders insurance coverage for the project and the workers involved in the construction. The home builder should have a builder’s risk insurance. This is the type of insurance that protects your home and the builder while construction is ongoing. Additionally, the builder should have liability insurance to cover for construction flaws discovered within a period of ten years. The safety of the construction workers should also be covered by the builders workmens compensation insurance. Any accident that happens on the construction site involving the construction workers should be covered by such insurance.

The home builder should also initiate periodic inspections during the different stages of construction to make sure that everything is done according to the plans. The home builder should ask the homeowner to join the inspection. Alternatively, the homeowner may conduct his separate inspection in order to make sure that the home builder complies with all the terms of construction contract. There are some home builders who might conceal defects during inspection. Conducting unannounced inspection will expose the entire construction state to the homeowner. If in doubt, you may ask the architect to help you with the inspection to make sure that the plans are strictly followed.

Focus Outdoors — Right Now!

Exterior furniture items, is often referred to as patio pieces of furniture or back yard garden furnishing. Furniture for use out in the open is specially designed for this location. It is typically fabricated from environmental resistant materials.

Outside furnishing, which is also known as garden furnishings, or outdoor patio furnishing is fairly often comprised of a group. Frequently this consists of a table, chairs (in most cases in sets of four or six), and occasionally a parasol or garden umbrella. Longer chairs, seats & benches also are usual.

Outdoor parasols or umbrellas are specialized types of umbrellas. They are intended for utilization for shade from the sunlight. They normally use a weighted footing or a mounting fitted in to the paving face. They are generally easily transportable in design so as to be placed strategically for exterior tables & seating. Conversely, some others are positioned using a centre hole in the table.

At night or in winter season exterior or balcony heating units are employed to sit outside comfortably. They may be secured permanently on balcony roofs and eaves, or might be transportable and self supported. Operation is either by means of natural gas, propane or electricity. Smaller models might occasioanlly make use of bottled butane. Gas units may use existing domestic plumbing with outlets at permanent places or may be linked with quick hook up plugins.

Transportable open fire bowls and outdoor modular open fire pits are popular & easily found. These are produced in a large number of various materials and used primarily to prolong the length of using outdoor areas.

Garden & patio sets are usually made of timber, wicker, aluminium, wrought iron or plastic. Wooden exterior and patio furnishings is affected by being exposed out-doors to the elements & needs regular treatmant & upkeep.

A very effective timber for back yard furniture is teak. Teak contains silica by nature. This makes it resistant to a lot of the effects from moisture e.g. warping, swelling, rotting, as well as to fungal attacks. It is resistant to chemical substances, acids, alkalis and flame. Once teak weathers its actual original look and feel is lost, but then is replaced with a beautiful silver appearance. Many individuals like this classic look of teak. Due to teak’s resistance to infestation & rotting it is normally employed without maintenance, but if your preference is definitely to retain the teak furniture’s original rich color than quite simply oiling the teak each two months or so will definitely maintain this physical appearance.

On the other hand aluminium outdoor and deck furnishing is long lasting and especially robust. It certainly will corrode should its protecting surface layer is in any way jeopardized. Synthetic terrace and exterior pieces of furniture is water-proof naturally and may be left outdoors all through the year nevertheless it would certainly age over a lengthy timeframe.

Originally rush out of doors and balcony pieces of furniture was made from the stems of palms located in the tropical regions. Palm stems firmly woven into interlocking panels were utilized to create the necessary design e.g. seats. Now a days, man made plastic resin is employed to create most contemporary wicker furniture. This substanially will increase the life time of the furnishings as well as cuts down on manufacturing expenditures. Recycled plastic material is typically employed to make resin furniture. Truly being incredibly durable, resin furnishings frequently comes with a guarantee time period of 20 years and more. Mouldings are designed to appear like cane and also real timber.

Products that include planter display boxes, floral stands, bird baths and trellises all contribute features and liveability to your external areas.

Azalea Hybrid Bushes And Native American Fiery (flame) Azaleas

Buying the best azalea shrub offers a gardener many choices for various landscapes. The Southern indica azalea hybrids are the most popular flowering shrubs for warm climates that includes the Formosa azaleas of white, pink, red, purple, magenta, violet, and lavender. Other outstanding Formosa azaleas are Duc DeRohan, Dutchess of Cypress, G.G. Gerbing, George L. Tabor, Madonna White, and South.

Kurume azaleas are evergreen azaleas with considerable cold hardiness and were introduced into the United States around 1915 from Japan. Japan has a climate much like mid-Atlantic and Southern States, and Kurume azalea plants thrive in these similar climates. Kurume azalea shrubs grow small waxy leaves and are considered to be dwarf azalea plants, growing 4 feet tall, but rarely some cultivars reach 6 feet in height. The flowers of Kurume azaleas bloom in colors of pink, purple, white, red, orange, and lavender, and some produce double flowers (double rows of petals). Coral bells is important as a pink azalea to plant underneath windows, and the intense flowering habit is also notable in the pink ruffles azalea and the red ruffles highlights any garden landscape planting. Snow is a pure white Kurume flowering azalea cultivar.

Satsuki azalea plants were developed in Japan as a bonsai specimen (dwarf), however, some cultivars can grow 6 feet tall. The flowers can exceed 5 inches, the size of a coffeecup saucer, and the late blooming characteristic of Satsuka azaleas offers the landscape gardener a flower that blooms after May 15 and continues flowering through June.

Compact azaleas are generally preferred for small gardens like the Satsuki hybrid cultivars that includes the Gumpo pink, Gumpo white, Gumpo red, Higasa rose-pink, and Wakebishu dark pink azalea. Satsuki azalea shrubs will flower abundantly.

The USDA began a hybridization program of azalea shrubs at Glenn Dale, Maryland to introduce landscape, cold hardy plants of flowering azalea cultivars that would extend the season for azalea bloom and offer Northern landscape gardeners new colorful cultivars of flowering azaleas. Many of these Glenn Dale azalea shrubs grow flowers similar to the Formosa hybrids. Glenn Dale azaleas bloom with the diversity of Japanese hybrids. Glenn Dale flowering azalea cultivars introduced by the USDA hybridizers have produced over 400 kinds of azalea shrubs, many available to buy through an internet nursery site. Two sensational Glenn Dale azalea hybrids are the salmon-pink Fashion azalea. The Fashion azalea can grow 6 feet tall and is covered with medium sized flowers. A pure white azalea, the H.H. Hume, is an excellent Glenn Dale azalea shrub that blooms in late April. Many Glenn Dale azalea landscape shrubs flower in May and June.

Not all azalea shrubs are evergreen, but American native azalea shrubs drop the leaves during winter and are called deciduous azaleas. In the South, these native azaleas are called fragrant bush honeysuckle or the Florida azalea (Rhododendrun austrinum) with colors of yellow, red, pink, white, yellow-orange, purple, and bicolor light up the forests or garden landscape when domesticated. The wild bush honeysuckle (Rhododendrun austrinum) is an early blooming native azalea shrub, with fragrant flowers appearing before the leaves.